Ok so you think your site runs great.. you got the best hosting provider (and you know cause you are paying for it), and you have optimized your database… but Yahoo! has 23 reasons why you should loose sleep when it comes to front end optimization of your web site. The 23 factors are…

  • Minimize HTTP Requests
  • Use a Content Delivery Network
  • Avoid empty src or href
  • Add an Expires or a Cache-Control Header
  • Gzip Components
  • Put StyleSheets at the Top
  • Put Scripts at the Bottom
  • Avoid CSS Expressions
  • Make JavaScript and CSS External
  • Reduce DNS Lookups
  • Minify JavaScript and CSS
  • Avoid Redirects
  • Remove Duplicate Scripts
  • Configure ETags
  • Make AJAX Cacheable
  • Use GET for AJAX Requests
  • Reduce the Number of DOM Elements
  • No 404s
  • Reduce Cookie Size
  • Use Cookie-Free Domains for Components
  • Avoid Filters
  • Do Not Scale Images in HTML
  • Make favicon.ico Small and Cacheable

Companies with medium to high volume traffic to their websites are starting to pay closer attention to there site to make sure the end user has the best experience on the website as possible and that includes page load time.

So no matter what amount of traffic your site gets I highly recommend grading it with Yahoo!’s YSlow tool.

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