About Andrew Kurz...

My passion lies in the creation of designs with strong branding in the interactive space through websites, banners, emails, and mobile sites and apps. Designing with the user in mind is key to producing not only well designed websites, but also a positive user experience for the consumer, which has a direct relation to the ROI.

I have worked within small to mid-sized marketing firms as well as large corporate environments. Currently in my creative director role at CUnet, my responsibilities include managing the look and feel of all internally developed website properties and external marketing for colleges and universities. This includes landing pages, emails, banners, and websites.

In the current role as creative director, my responsibilities include hiring web designers, managing design workload, creative proposals, creative briefs, and insertion orders. I also am responsible for pitching to clients and managing timelines on creative projects. I have been given wonderful opportunities to learn and grow alongside talented individuals through my years as a designer, and I enjoy not only managing the workflow of the employees under me, but also teaching them skills that increase their value within the company.

Creating an online environment that is a profitable and successful for any company or organization is always a thrilling experience. I know I have done my job properly when I see a look of satisfaction on the face of my clients, the client's customers, or my employer.

I have had the privilege of working alongside great bosses and co-workers, many of whom have become good friends and repeat customers. Along the way I have learned best practices in the web design world, as well as successful marketing and business strategies. I would like to share a few comments from some of these colleagues in closing. Andrew was a pleasure to work with at CUnet. Not only was he extremely creative, but also extremely knowledgeable in regards to user experience. His advanced knowledge was really highlighted in all of his work. Andrew is extremely strategic in his creative approach, which translated into great client results. Andrew is a phenomenal asset and excellent team player.
Brian Binder, Senior Search Manager, CUnet
Andrew Kurz is a true internet professional. His ability to very quickly grasp a new project or idea and turn it into reality in a very short time is unbelievable. Andrew very detail-oriented and has an eye for creating websites that drive visitors to make a purchase, learn more information, or proceed with the desired action or the intent of the website. Andrew is extremely dependable and very thorough - two traits that make for an incredibly talented, highly motivated web designer. I would highly recommend Andrew and would welcome the opportunity to work with him anytime!
Richie Ward, Director of Information Technology , ALA
Andrew has leveraged his highly refined and exceptional graphic design skills toward a creative leadership position in which he thoroughly understands the process and the talent. His creative thinking and motivational skills are unparalleled.Andrew inspires good work. Working with Andrew is a great experience. Best Regards, Karhrman Ziegenbein Director Search - SEM at FKQ/Site Dynamics.
Karhrman Ziegenbein , Director Search - SEM , FKQ/Site Dynamics